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Blogspot hates me : (

Yesterday I commented on my friend Jo’s blog post, Literary Lull.  I left her with the beginning of a dumb joke:  What goes mooof?

Today I’ve tried posting the answer at least a dozen times and Blogspot acts as though I don’t exist.  When I click on Submit I’m not expecting it to bow down before me darn it; just post the stupid reply.  Blogspot starts off as though it’s going to let my reply through, teasing me with the “Redirecting” message.  Then it returns to the comment box where my words stare back at me, mocking.  Sigh.

It isn’t Jo’s fault; I follow other Blogspotters and occasionally have the same issues when trying to haras… um, comment on their blogs.  Curse you Blogspot!!!!

On a completely different topic – this is my 50th post!  Sorta anticlimactic huh? 

And the answer to the dumb joke that started this whole rant? 

A cow with buck teeth. 

You’re welcome.

UPDATE:  Blogspot still hates me.  Now I can’t even look at CakeWrecks.  How can I face the day without wrecky cakes?!  Wahhh!


6 thoughts on “Blogspot hates me : (

  1. EXCELLENT joke!

    And I’m sorry you couldn’t harass me, but it’s okay….my computer was borked for the last 24 hours anyway. I’m back NOW though!

  2. Ba! ha! ha!

    I’m not laughing at the joke, I’m laughing at the mental pic I have of you having a fit cuz Blogspot is being a asshat!

    The joke was cute too…


  3. I hate when the Blogger Gremlin is acting up. He really sucks. And from some of the other blogs I read, he’s been out in full force lately, maybe the full moon?

    No, seriously, sometimes Blogger does “maintenance”. Hopefully, they are done with it now.

    What did any of us get ticked off at before Blogger?

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