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Dream interpretation, the second

Joe Mantegna, Filming of the TV show Criminal ...

I think I’m watching too much crime TV.

In my dream the other night I was hiding in the bedroom of a mob boss’ daughter.  Really.  Apparently she was supposed to flip on her papa, but either she hadn’t quite made up her mind or there was a timing issue.  I’m not sure what I was doing there.  It felt like I was the point person who was going to bring her in but hell’s bells, I might be a legal secretary but that’s not even close to law enforcement.  Did I mention the daughter was in elementary school?  Of course I did raise four daughters so maybe I was there because I’m a mom?  No idea.  None.  Nada.

The rest was sort of blurred, like a lot of my dreams.  I recall the phone ringing which sent me running for the closet in her room.  Or maybe it was the doorbell, I’m not sure why a ringing phone would be a threat.  There was food at some point and I think we were on an airplane…or a bus.  Like I said, blurred.  Sigh.

In any case, watching Dexter, Criminal Minds, Castle, Blue Bloods, Unforgettable, Flash Forward and Grimm may be overdoing it a bit.  Especially since I only recently discovered Dexter and I’m watching at least one episode a day to catch up.

You guys have any thoughts on what the dream might mean?


Okay then.

8 thoughts on “Dream interpretation, the second

  1. Oh that’s easy….In the dream you were the body guard of the little girl, your sole responsibility was to protect from her Father’s mafioso buddies. That’s why there was food cuz Ninja body guards need to keep their strength up (duh) and the reason the ringing bell threw you into a tizzy is because you were Quasi Moto in another life and the ringing brings back horrible memories. OR…

    You went to bed hungry (hence the food). That always gives me weird dreams….OR…

    You watch too many crime dramas….


  2. Sounds totally like something I would dream, except that I’m not a legal secretary in or out of any of my dreams.

    I never try to figure out my dreams, I just enjoy them.

  3. Oh Grammy I like the idea that I might be a Ninja body guard! They have the best food I’m sure!

    As for marathons Gia, I can’t do those either – for any tv show. Unless of course I’ve just discovered one I love and it’s been around awhile so I have to catch up (i.e. Dexter).

    Jo, that sounds like a great idea. I wish I wasn’t so, I guess analytical fits. But I’ll probably never change. I suppose that’s not a bad thing; I get blog posts out of it occasionally 😉

  4. Your dreams sound a lot more complicated than mine. I dream of Disney World, and I figure that means I need a vacation. (Of course, there is the fact that it was a distopian, abandoned Disney World and all the characters were engaged in a turf war with the characters from Universal Studios…)

  5. My dreams were getting pretty weird too, which I why I stopped watching my favorite shows right before bed – CSI, Criminal MInds, etc.

    (answering the question you posed to me in the comments on Mommy Wants Vodka: I can’t get into “Fool” by Christopher Moore. As I recall from my attempts, it gets pretty bawdy pretty quick. I’m looking forward to the next one though. You know he’s posting chapters on his website?)

    • No I didn’t! I have to go check that out! I haven’t tried Fool yet myself but the review I read didn’t encourage me. Thanks for the head’s up that he’s got another one in the wings!

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