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Who do I have to sleep with?

Today’s whine brought to you by:  Oh My Freaking God it’s Cold!! 

My most recent electric bill was $150.  That’s for one month y’all.  One.*  Granted, it’s an all electric house but we don’t do a lot of cooking and I can’t count the times I’ve come home to find the Hubs working away on his computer in a dark office.  Since it’s only the two of us we don’t use the dishwasher (maybe because it’s broken, but still) and we do a whole three loads of laundry every couple of weeks. 

That leaves the furnace.  I know it’s working because during the blackout I definitely noticed a difference without it.  Maybe I should say the furnace is running.  Working implies it’s actually heating the house.  You might think the house is cold because we keep the thermostat at 62 trying to save money.  You’d be wrong.  We had it set at 70 and even 72 and I still had to bundle into blankets while watching television!  They must have put newspaper in the walls for insulation. 

When we moved here our pellet stove went into storage; it was Spring after all.  Besides, after cramming three floors worth of stuff into the space of one there was no room for it.  That stove is still in storage.  Damn it.  Yeah, I know it wouldn’t have helped us during the blackout.  Pellet stoves have augers and fans and stuff that require electricity so without a generator we’d still have been freezing.  But it would help now.  We could have heat and lower our electric bill.  So what’s the problem?  Installation.  Finding a reputable installer.  Finding the funds to pay said reputable installer.  Finding the funds to pay for pellets.  Sigh. 

This dilemma made me think of the 1993 movie Indecent Proposal.  You know the one I mean?  Robert Redford sees Demi Moore and WANTS her bad.  She’s happily married to Woody Harrelson.  Redford’s rich.  He’ll pay the young couple $1 million if Demi will spend the night with him.  In 1993 I was still in my first, not-so-happy marriage and I would have jumped on that!  Now…well, no amount of money would entice me.  Have you seen Redford lately? 

But install my pellet stove and hmm….

* I realize others may have much higher electric bills and this whine is not meant to minimize their experience.  But this blog IS all about me after all 😉.

4 thoughts on “Who do I have to sleep with?

  1. **Raising hand as to having a MUCH higher electric bill**

    Bubbe, my house is ALL electric too. Back before our old Governor signed Act 129 (to save energy) in late 2008, the MOST my electric bill was $190 and that was on VERY cold months when I jacked the thermostat up to 80. NOW I keep it as 68 or 70 because of Act 129 which costs me a king’s ransom. My most recent bill is $396! And it hasn’t even been THAT cold in Pennsylvania!

    Check to see if your Governor signed something similar into law either in late 2008 or 2009. Every state is jumping on this happy band wagon of getting us to use LESS electric, to save the planet. They want all of us to use less or use it during OFF peak hours. Like what, I’m supposed too cook, shower and dry my clothes at midnight?

    And what happens when everyone starts doing that? Then MIDNIGHT becomes the new ONpeak. duh. Geniuses! They are so stupid, I can’t stand them.

    Okay. Rant done.

    Sorry, had to get that out.

    Thank you.

    • I’m sorry you can’t sleep with me, actually. Not because I’d give you money, but because whenever I fall asleep, my body temperature rises to about 100 degrees. (I’m not dying, I just have a weird normal.) I’m cozy.

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