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5 thoughts on “Who said it?

    • I know right? This weather and needing to keep the heat on makes everything drier, even in the rainy Northwest! And today we have SNOW! Okay, I guess it’s really snow, but we don’t often get it here so everyone on the roads will be mongo crazy and I just want to curl up in a blanket on the sofa and watch Dexter!

  1. Is this a line from that movie Silence of the Lambs? I never saw the movie, I read the book ages ago. (Victim in the pit, serial killer saying it, at his house in the basement)

    Not that I’m trying to win or anything.

    • Hey kiddo – been trying to comment on your Fucket List for days – not sure what’s wrong but eblogger doesn’t like me or something. It’s not just your blog but another one too at eblogger.

      I never read the book or saw the movie so for all I know the serial killer did say it but that wasn’t the reference I was going for.

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