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Welcome back!

Today’s title is based on the presumption that everyone’s back hard at work!  Or at least you’ve showed up, right?  🙂

I added a new link to my blogroll.  Randy’s post on December 19 was phenomenal.  It made it okay to have the Christmas blues.  It even orchestrated the soundtrack for a blue Christmas season.  And for a weird Christmas season.  I know it’s post-Christmas but if you’ve ever felt like not celebrating – or know someone who might have felt that way – you may find the post helpful. 

I’ve received Randy’s weekly newsletter This is True for over a decade.  Some of that time I paid for the premium version, it isn’t that much money.  When the economy dumped on us I had to let that go, but I still read the free version every week.  It makes me smile (usually) and go “hmm” (always).

I hope you’ll check him out.  And have a fabulous week!

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