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So. Not. Cool.

Santa, I think we’ve got our wires crossed.  Maybe somewhere along the way my message was corrupted.  Or perhaps you aren’t really listening (just like a man)!

I asked for a Kindle.  K – I – N – D – L – E.  It’s an eReader Santa.  It stores books electronically and then displays them a page at a time for reading.  You can even order it online and avoid the whole figuring out where to park the sleigh in a mobile home park.  Simple, yes?  Apparently not.

Wasn’t I a good girl this year?  Didn’t I act all happy and thankful over Thanksgiving even though Hubs and I had a knockdown blowout of a fight before heading up to join his family?  (Sure, I broke the coffee pot, but heck, it was my coffee pot.  I didn’t ask you to replace it did I?  I took full responsibility.)  And haven’t I usually been on my best behavior even when Hubs is in one his many deep blue funks? 

I didn’t think I was asking for all that much Santa.  So what’s up with this?

When I got up this morning Hubs had been out to pick up the mail since his mom said she’d sent us a Hanukah card.  Along with a card from the oldest daughter’s family and one from my brother was an envelope from the Homicide Bureau of the Sheriff’s Department.  I wasn’t really surprised to see it since I was contacted by an investigator from the Sheriff’s Department in Southern California a few years back and I figured it was from him.  Not so dear reader, not so. 

I pulled out the document inside and read:



More to come…

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