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Everyone seems to have a Kindle.  Seriously, everywhere I look these days I see someone reading a Kindle (yeah, yeah – I know they’re not all Kindles).  On my commute.  Both of the secretaries I share space with at the office.  A manager in our credit department.  Am I the only person on the planet who doesn’t carry one?  Alright, that was a bit over the top.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.  There’s probably a dozen of us. 

My commute used to be more than 2 hours each way.  I did a LOT of reading.  Fortunately, I wasn’t driving at the time.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t multi-task when reading.  For example: it’s hard to hold a book and knit a scarf (or anything else).  Then I discovered Overdrive at my public library!  My life was transformed!  I kid you not.  I started small – a paperback here and there uploaded onto my MP3 player by way of my PC.  I could listen to my book and knit that scarf!  So awesome! 

Soon I was downloading tons of tomes of all different genres.  I learned that once the book was on my player it would remain active even if the library’s expiration date passed (after that date passed though the file on my PC could no longer be uploaded onto my player).  That way I could have six or eight or ten books in the space of a pack of gum and they were ready to “read” whenever I was. 

Following a recent move my commute time is just about an hour now and I’ve gone back to carrying books.  I LIKE books.  I like to feel them in my hand; like to turn the pages; like to sit and ponder over a phrase or laugh out loud when appropriate, and then easily find where I left off.  Finding my place in the audio books wasn’t always easy.  Plus, when I have audio books on my player they get jumbled up and played along with my music.  This leads to disappointment and confusion.  I’ll be listening to Pink’s So What, dancing in my seat on the train and the next thing I hear is “Chapter five….” 

So I’m back to carrying books.  It means taking time to winnow my book list to only those choices I can find in paper.  Either that or plan multiple visits to the chiropractor. 

Maybe I’ll find a Kindle in my stocking!  How ’bout it Santa?  I’ve been a really good girl!

8 thoughts on “Kindle-Free

  1. I love my Kindle. And, it’s great that it syncs your spot between devices since I read on my computer and on my iPhone too. While the audio books are awesome for multitasking (I have to drive on my commute and it was great to listen to books on the way), they really haven’t figured out a good way to bookmark them yet and I would constantly get lost or leave my MP3 player on while I pumped gas and then could never find my place again.

    If you get a Kindle, you can still listen to MP3 books on there though! The best of both worlds and it won’t be mixed up with music.

    • Thanks for reading! I’d heard you could listen to audio books as well as music on the Kindle so it is definitely a win-win. If Santa doesn’t come through I’ll just have to save up my milk money and buy it for myself! Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

  2. I love books, too, the actual books. But I only have so much room, and I have to weed them out on occasion or I’ll have no room for furniture.
    My brother gave me a Nook last year, and I love it! I can carry it everywhere and store or archive books to my heart’s content. I also don’t have to go beyond my own computer to acquire my books for it.
    But I still love books themselves, and always will.

    Santa, she totally deserves a Kindle this year! Can’t you see your way to it, cute one? (I flatter Santa a LOT, in hopes that he’s susceptible)

  3. My favorite books are the ones that make laugh at INAPPROPRIATE times, like the waiting room of the Dr’s office. I love actual books too BUT I love my eReader (Sony) more because A) how else can I carry 65 books with me at all times and B) I never have to pitch a hissy fit anymore because I’ve lost my place or my pages are all crinkled from being crammed into the abyss that is my purse….And I’m adding my Santa reminder to Jo’s: BRING BUBBE A KINDLE!!!

  4. Hahaha. I dont have a Kindle either. But I also get super bad motion sickness, and would never be able to use it while traveling. Honestly, the idea of your old commute makes me wanna hurl. Ick!

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