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Guilt. Or not.

I have no idea what to post today.  I started working on a post about guilt but that bummed me out. 

Tangent alert:  I’m feeling like ca-ca (as my daughter so eloquently put it) and I just want to go back to bed.  On the up side, if I’m really sick I can skip the family dinner on Saturday!  Woo hoo!  Go congestion, go sinusitis!  Wait, what?  Am I seriously hoping for illness?  Not really.  I guess.  But avoiding dinner at a restaurant I can’t afford sounds excellent about now.  End Tangent.

It occurred to me that since this blog is mainly about venting the stuff I would unload on a therapist, the post about guilt shouldn’t bum me out but should be healing, shouldn’t it?  But I still can’t finish it now.  Also, the point of the blog is that it’s mine.  I get to write what I want, when I want, and it doesn’t even matter to me if anyone reads it.  That said, it is nice to know some folks out there are reading and can relate to even a little of what I’ve been through.  And since this is for my benefit, I’m NOT writing about guilt now.  Later maybe.  In a week or five.  Or twenty.

P.S. There’s a cool post on wordpress’s Freshly Pressed page called 10,000 Santas Go into a Bar.  Worth a read if you have the time:  10,000 Santas

3 thoughts on “Guilt. Or not.

  1. And that my friend is why we blog. Because it’s ours alone to write about whatever the hell we want with no worry about if anyone else approves or not. It’s like freedom with a keyboard! Go you!

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