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Looney Moon

This morning I was up before the sun.  Yeah, I know it’s Saturday but apparently my brain didn’t care.  Yesterday on the way to work I heard there would be a lunar eclipse this morning about 5 am. At the time I wasn’t thinking about it being Saturday and I thought how cool it would be to see that before I left for work.

Last night it occurred to me again that it would be cool but it was nearly midnight when I hit the sheets.  A part of my brain was saying what a good blog topic it would be.  Then the sane part slapped me upside the head and said it would be just as good a topic if I wrote about sleeping through it.

Well surprise! I didn’t intend to get up at O-dark thirty but my aches and pains had different plans.

4:08 – hip starts to ache like a mutha; look at clock and turn over, go back to sleep

4:48 – hip now screaming like a little girl; knee joining in; get up, answer nature’s call and realize eclipse is only 12 minutes away!

4:58 – having taken ibuprofen, wait perched on dining room chair looking out only window with a good view – no effing way I’m standing outside in freezing cold weather in my PJs for this

5:05 – still no, what I would call noticeable, change in lunar appearance, at least to my unschooled eyes

5:06 – screw it, back to bed for a little more sleep

So what do I see on MSN this morning? The eclipse is mostly visible from Asia and parts of the Pacific Northwest. Not my part apparently.  That’ll teach me to rely on only one news source!

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Looney Moon

  1. Now doesn’t that just figure?? It really irks me when I want to sleep in til like….oh say 7:30….and my brain betrays me by waking me up at the usual 4:30 or 5….grrrrr.

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