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Reason No. 9 I know I’m not a lady

Ladies don’t sweat.  They glisten or glow.  Yeah, that’s right; and I’m the Queen of Sheba.  Three times this week I woke in the middle of the night slick with sweat – I mean SLICK with it!  Slip ‘n slide slick!  I’ve read that description many times over the years in one book or another but I never really got it until now.  Luckily I don’t have many hot flashes.  I hope my luck continues.  My mother told me she caught pneumonia from a hot flash.  True story (true that she told me, the rest, I have no idea). 

Apparently in the midst of the mother of all hot flashes (ha! see what I did there?) Mom got naked and stood in front of an open window in the middle of winter.  I’m not so sure that will get you pneumonia, but I suppose it could undermine your immune system which could allow you to succumb if exposed to someone else with pneumonia.  That’s it.  The extent of her story.  We didn’t have what you’d call a chatty relationship. 

Menopause is not for wimps y’all.  Not that I’m actually IN menopause yet.  But boy am I practicing!  Wham-O!

3 thoughts on “Reason No. 9 I know I’m not a lady

  1. I used to go sit over those low freezers at WalMart to cool off my butt. That worked so well that I started sticking my head in the freezer at home.
    For a while there, I would take off every unneccessary clothing article that I could to try and cool off, only to get cold and put it all back on. Then I’d get hot again.
    I don’t remember any of that as being particularly fun.
    I feel for ya!

    • Hi there Jo, thanks so much for stopping by! And I giggled at the picture of cooling my buns over the grocery store freezer! One of our local supermarkets had a walk-in cooler for their wine, beer and soda. That always looked like a good place to be; I usually wasn’t flashing then though and now we’ve moved. I’ve used the freezer at home too. Any port in a storm! Thanks again! ~Lori

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