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Dejá Tuesday

The worst day of the week? Sunday afternoon hands down. Because Monday is lurking only hours away. But Tuesdays are a close second in my mind. Think about it. Tuesday morning you’re facing four more days until the weekend! And Tuesdays usually drag on and on and on. I started a short story once called Dejá Tuesday. It was a twist on the movie Groundhog’s Day. The main character discovered she was living Tuesday over and over with no hope of ever reaching Friday or the weekend – OH THE HORROR!

I know today isn’t Tuesday (it isn’t is it?!) but it felt like it was when once again an idiot driver pulled a stupid-ass stunt on the way to the train. At least this time they didn’t cut directly in front of me, and they had the good taste to drive a Cadillac Escalade. Too bad their lack of courtesy illustrated for everyone that they have no class.

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