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Phew! … it’s Friday

The secretaries are planning the annual office shindig to celebrate the winter solstice. NOT. It’s the department’s annual white elephant pahtay. This gala occasion rocks every single time. I can’t stand the pizza they usually choose to order but the party is so much fun I eat it anyway and enjoy myself.

When the food is only a memory everyone who brought a present draws a number and the gift-opening begins! And the gift-trading. And the raucous laughter. It’s the one day the secretaries, paralegals and attorneys let their hair down and share many guffaws, chuckles and belly-laughs together.

One year the most-wanted gift was a neon desk lamp shaped like a pink flamingo. The trades were fast and furious and went on, and on, and on. I think this was the year we decided we had to put a limit on the number of times a gift could be traded. It was that or spend the entire afternoon swapping presents. The Powers That Be nixed that idea.

So this week I sent out the e-vite to the department as well as various alumni who always add a bit of sparkle to the occasion. All of the secretaries are debating which pizza restaurant to order from. And this email exchange occurs:

M: I think Pagliacci is consistently good. I don’t know about a gluten free option, but we should have a vegetarian pizza.

E: I ate a vegetarian the other day, oddly enough they tasted like chicken.

L: You do know vegetarian is an old Indian word for “bad hunter” correct? Doesn’t that get stuck in your teeth?


Do I work in a cool office or what?  Have a most excellent weekend y’all!

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