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Jello® Shots Rock!

Thanksgiving was sweet and sour this year. No, we didn’t opt for Chinese food, though that might have been the better idea.

Our daughter A decided she wanted to tackle making Thanksgiving dinner all by herself to honor her Zadie (Yiddish for grandpa) since it would probably be his last one with us. A rocks in the kitchen like no one I’ve seen. She’d give The Pioneer Woman a run for her money I’m tellin’ ya. So there was never any question she could handle the food and that isn’t why I suggested Chinese could have been the way to go.

A is hubs’ daughter from his first marriage. She lives about twenty minutes from us with her husband and our youngest grandson. A’s mother (the Ex) lives a state away. Of course it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without A’s mama would it? So when A started the e-planning for this event back in October the out-of-state mama was included. And since the Ex was friends with hubs’ sister before she married hubs, she’s been part of the family longer than I have. Long story short – the Ex and her husband joined the family for Thanksgiving. Thus the sour – terminal beloved family patriarch at what is probably his last Thanksgiving, and ex-wife sharing the table with hubs. Not the setting for a Happy Thanksgiving. It did not help that hubs and I had a knockdown drag-out beforehand. Broke my coffee pot damn it!

The sweet? Within minutes of arrival I got started with the Jello® shots! Add a couple of beers and I wasn’t tracking the tension quite so closely. Unfortunately we didn’t stay long after dinner as the pooches needed our attention at home. I would have liked another shot or two while we played cards darn it.

What was I thankful for this year? That it was over. Until Christmas anyway, when we’ll do it all over again. I think I’d better wait till after the New Year to replace my coffee pot.

3 thoughts on “Jello® Shots Rock!

  1. I was going to give you some sage advice about going with something stronger than Jello® shots for Christmas, but then I got distracted by the fact that there is snow traipsing across your blog. I think. Maybe I’ve been drinking too much tonight. It wouldn’t be the first time.

    Seriously. Whiskey. Whiskey sours! Amaretto. Amaretto sours! Tequila. Eggnog! What is Christmas with extended family without heavily spiked eggnog?

    • Hello Eva! Thanks for stopping by! And THANKS for the suggestions too! I’m not a big eggnog fan (too sweet for me) but I can definitely get on the outside of a whiskey sour! Yummo! And you are correct, there is snow falling on my blog 🙂
      Have a great weekend!

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