Is it herringbone or herring bone?

This morning while waiting for the train I stood behind a stylish young woman.  She was wearing what I believe to be a herringbone patterned skirt in black and white (hey, I don’t pretend to know fashion okay?).  The skirt stopped a few inches above her knees and she wore black tights with lace-up black suede high heels.  I couldn’t see her blouse because she also wore a black coat with ruffled lapels.  Very cute.  I only bring it up because while perusing her outfit it occurred to me my legs haven’t been that small since I was 7.  Sigh.


Hello there!  Bubbe here from way out West.  I’m making my very first post and if by chance you stumble by to read it – THANK YOU!  I’m not sure exactly what this will become; I’m mainly creating a semi-anonymous place to vent um, express myself.  I realize that it’s near impossible to keep yourself unknown on the web, especially if you want readers.  Initially though, readers aren’t my goal.  I hope to unload as much crapola here as I can to avoid having to pay someone to let me unload it on them.  In the process I hope to relieve the homicidal/suicidal pressure behind my eyes.  If you have suggestions to help with that bring ’em!  And thanks again for reading!